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About Browns

Brown’s ApS is a 100% Danish owned company. Brown’s has during the last 10-15 years spent a lot

of effort in specializing in men’s and ladies’ shirts as well as in other similar products. The company is
placed 5 minutes by car from Roskilde. Roskilde is the main city in Roskilde Municipality, placed in
Denmark on the island of Zealand. It is an ancient city, dating from the Viking Age.

Our offices are placed in the countryside on an old, romantic farm.

Brown’s has since the business startup had a controlled growth, both within sale and production. This is
still our purpose.

Brown’s has 5 main product lines:

  • Ben Brown
is the name of our men’s shirts, which are sold in many European countries in retail shops. Some of the collection from this line is a part of a very well functioning stock program. All deliveries are immediately from stock. A new collection is made minimum 8 times a year.
  • Miss Brown

is the name of our ladies’ shirts, which so far have been sold to companies as profile business clothes.

  • Ben Brown Special

in this line we produce shirts with our own mark/brand but to a specific order/company.

  • Private Label

We produce shirts and similar products for several European brands.

  • Ben Brown Accessories

We deliver a number of shoes, socks, suits, etc. We do not produce these items ourselves but use our know-how concerning quality control etc.

In the future we intend to focus on increasing the retail sale of Ben Brown shirts – high quality/great price – in even more countries.

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